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Traditionally brewed meads made with the finest Cornish honey from own aparies, and locally sourced fruit.Traditional Mead (14.5% ABV)was a Bronze Medal winner at the National Honey show 2003. Also available Spiced Mead (13%) and Blackcurrant Mead (12.5%).  Taste of the West Gold Award 2007 and 2008. Guild of Fine Food Gold Award 2007.





melo_botSpiced Mead

Often known as Metheglin, Spiced Mead is a restorative drink; a finely balanced brew of fermented floral honey with a unique blend of spices.




melo_botRedcurrant Mead
A melomel made from luscious berries at their most piquant! A refreshing drink simply made from the fermentation of honey and pressed fruit. 12.5% ABV. Price includes postage and package.



melo_bot (1)Blackcurrant Mead

Sharp and fruity! Serve as an aperitif, as a mixer, or chilled with ice for a crisp and fresh summer taste. 12.5% ABV. Price includes postage and packaging. Regretably out of stock at present.



Trad-MeadTraditional Mead

This mead has an unadulterated, pure quality. It is made from some of the finest Cornish honey our bees can produce. Perfect over ice on a summer’s evening, or as a winter reminder of warmer days. 14.5% ABV.




Gwires is a crystal clear, vibrant spirit with a floral, honeyed bouquet and a warm rounded finish. 40% alcohol by volume. The name “Gwires” (pronounced gwi’rez) is taken from the Cornish word meaning alcoholic spirit, and it is produced by distilling the highest quality mead.



appleApple Mead

Inspired by the ancient drink of Cyser and made from the double fermentation of selected local apple juices and honey. A medium dry mead at 12.5% ABV.



methe_botHeather Mead

Heather Mead is produced from the fermentation of Cornish heather honey to 14% ABV with aromas suggesting gorse and broom. Its bitter-sweet flavour has melon notes over a long, mellow finish.



product-shots-ninemaidens3Kea Plum Mead

Kea Plums are uniquely Cornish: a small plum similar to a damson, they are too sharp to eat fresh and are traditionally used for jam making. They provide an excellent blend to sweet honeyed mead.




product-shots-ninemaidens8Clear Honey
Award winning multi-floral Cornish honey in a hexagonal jar. Shipping costs included in price.



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