Bosavern Community Farm Shop


Contact: Hugh Taylor

Telephone: 01736 788454

Address: St Just, TR19 7RD



Bosavern Community Farm is a social enterprise farm with a Farm Shop selling home grown produce and from other local businesses.

Open Wednesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 18:00 it specialises in fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables and also offers honey, jams, chutney, free range eggs, bread, milk, cheese, raw chocolate, seaweed, pasta, lentils and oats. There is also a vegetable box scheme.

Free Market or Controlled Market?

Recent reaction against market play in the dairy, lamb and other sectors has raised some complex but interesting questions. We’ve just come through lengthy debates and a general election where the call for more open markets, less “red tape” and reduced influence by the EU has prevailed with a sweeping Tory triumph in Cornwall and the South West. At the same time the removal of quotas in milk production seemed to cause no particular concern notwithstanding a declared build up in capacity within Ireland.

Now, in but a short space of time, the National Beef Association (NBA) – among other industry organisations – is calling for industry wide regulation and, at the core, price controls over food production. “It cannot be one section of the supply chain that retains all the profits, we need to re-­evaluate the current system and find one that benefits all parties” says NBA CEO Chris Mallon.

On the other hand the supermarket sector has been the dominant drag on the top 350 UK companies this year with £10.7 billion wiped off food retail profits in the quarter up to March. So is the farming industry right to target the supermarkets as “the enemy”? Should the real target be consumerism whereby price governs all decisions with environment, seasonality, food security and other concerns – even health – merely marketing aids? If we want to stabilise and preserve home production should we revisit notions of protectionism?

Gestures such as voluntary extra pence on milk “for the farmers” may be doing more harm than good as they sweep the real issues under the carpet for another day. In the medium term are producers’ interests better served by differentiating products coupled with stronger marketing? By supplying into a generic product market – “milk”, “chicken”, “potatoes” – do we devalue our product by making it commonplace and losing its unique selling point?

New Entries and Updates for March

There are four new producer listings this month which are well worth checking out: Allsaints Brewery; Spirits of Cornwall; Spotty Dog Cider and Penzance Brewery. Our annual review has begun with updates on all the ales and beers along with Carley’s Organic Spreads, Healey’s Cider and Kernow Chocolate. Other new listings include Bodmin Produce Market and Porthleven Food Festival.

Archie Brown's

food_from_cornwall___archie_browns_2Although normally a meat-and-two-veg sort of person I find Archie Brown’s vegetarian and vegan cafe a great place for lunch (it’s only open 09:00 to 17:00).

There’s a breakfast menu as well as one for lunch, or you can just relax over really well made Origin coffee and perhaps a flapjack or some cake. Particular favourites are homity pie with one of their fantastic salads, and pea and pesto pate. (more…)

Fish: Fast and Fresh

Cornwall’s reputation as the leading supplier of quality, fresh seafood has now been cemented by the launch of a new delivery service that ensures fresh fish make their way from the fishing boat to London’s top restaurants in just six hours. (more…)