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The Cornish Chilli Company have a passion for chillies and all their products reflect that passion. Believing that quality, innovation and creativity are the key to the success they are constantly developing new and exciting additions to their range and will always do so with a great enthusiasm.

Hell Fire Pepper Jelly You asked for it and you got it. A blend of hand-selected fiery chillies fuse together to produce this hot, fruity, aromatic jelly.



Flamingo Sweet Dipping Sauce
Handmade fruity sauce is traditional with Crispy Peking Duck and as a dipping sauce for spring rolls or dumplings.



Double Hot Pepper Jelly
A very popular american style jelly made with red and green chillies.




Red Chilli Jam 

A distinctive jam made from red chillies and a dash of lemon.




The most popular sauce and is proving to be a real winner. Made from red serenade chillies this sauce is delicious when served with BBQ chicken or fresh seafood, a real treat with scallops or fresh baked crab.



Made from pineapple, corriander and cucumber along with green jalapenos, this dipping sauce has a fresh clean taste that is outstanding with fresh fish such as salmon, turbot or cod.



Hells Mouth
A new addition to the range. Are you man enough for this one? A pile of Jamaican Scotch bonnet peppers go into this hot sauce. Sink you teeth in to steaks, BBQ’s or pizza with Hells Mouth, not for salads or quiche!



Cornish Winter Sauce
Wild Blackberries and Port go into this hot but very tasty sauce. Brilliant with pork, game and cheese.



Gargoyle Chilli Sauce
Gargoyle hot chilli sauce is straight from hell. A hot sauce packed with chillies. Liven up, burgers, vegetarian, stews, spaghetti sauce, BBQ, and all Mexican dishes.



Chipotle Chilli Sauce.

Made from smoke-dried red jalapeno chillies, Chipotle Sauce adds a smooth smokey hot flavor to food. It is particularly delicious on poultry and pork adding a tasty smokey and fruity flavour. Or you can just pour it over cream cheese and serve with tortilla chips as a quick but tasty dip.


Cornish Chilli Sauce

A versatile handmade sauce made in Cornwall using the finest ingredients, cooked to a family recipe.



Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

This great tasting jelly is made from fresh jalapeno chillies and a splash of lime juice. It is delicious with lamb, beef or simply spread over crackers and cream cheese.



Piranha Tequila & Lime Sauce

Fresh green jalapenos, tequila and lime mingle to create a fresh tasting, hot, citrus sauce. Put some zing into your dishes and bring out the delicious full flavour of fish, seafood, chicken and lamb.


Red Snapper Vodka & Grapefruit Sauce

The vibrant flavours of pink grapefruit, vodka and hot birds eye chillies bring out the delicious taste of fresh grilled mackerel, deep fried squid rings, roast pork loin. This fresh citrus hot sauce is a perfect way to add a real bite to any dish.


Barracuda Rum & Coconut Sauce

Fresh coconut, rum and hot Scotch Bonnet chillies produce a deliciously luxurious hot sauce. A real exotic hot sauce that brings a Caribbean flavor, enjoy with crab, shrimp, mussels, chicken curry or noodles.




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