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Everyone is on their own health journey, but too often we have limited choice. MAWish want to open up that choice, that freedom, to get creative with what you eat and drink, boosting your nutrition whilst not breaking the bank.

MAWish blends are backed by science, are nutritionist formulated using premium ingredients and use ratios designed for optimum nutrition bioavailability.  Whether you are limiting your caffeine intake and looking for a coffee alternative, or are wanting a nutritious ingredient to add to your favourite recipes, MAWish offers a blend versatile enough for you to do just that!


Liquid Energy Matcha Latte

A nutrient-dense organic ceremonial matcha blend formulated by a nutritionist to ensure you are getting the maximum source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and polyphenols.
Audited by OXFAM, the ethically sourced ingredients have been combined in ratios specifically designed to help improve focus, and provide a natural but zen energy without coffee jitters. Optimise your focus, boost your energy, or power through your workouts!






Liquid Gold Turmeric Latte

This beautifully golden, organic healing drink is a nourishing alternative to coffee and the perfect way to get your daily fix of turmeric. Liquid Gold Turmeric Latte blend is a nutritionist’s take on the traditional Indian haldi doodh. Audited by OXFAM, the ethically sourced ingredients have been combined in ratios specifically designed to increase the bioavailability of the turmeric.  With double strength turmeric and added black pepper in ratios that ensure each sip releases the bends maximum potential.





Liquid Balance Salted Caramel Maca Blend

Let maca’s magic adaptogenic powers balance your mind and improve your energy with this latte bend. Ditch the unhealthy treats and curb your cravings with antioxidant-rich goodness. This feel-good mix of raw maca, cinnamon, vanilla and sea salt is naturally rich in iron, Calcium, and Vitamin C⁠ and other Antioxidants.

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