Wing of St Mawes

A family run specialist fishmonger, involved in the fishing industry since its creation by Robert Clifford-Wing some thirty years ago. During this time the business has earned an enviable reputation throughout the country for supplying top quality fish and seafood to many of the nations top chefs’. The same quality fish and seafood ordered by Michelin starred chefs can be yours.


Brill is a member of the sole family and is known in cooking circles as being akin to turbot both in size, flavour and quality; at a quick glance you could be forgiven for mixing the two up!


Cod is the classic looking ‘fish’, with a silky olive green skin and large white flaky texture. The great British fish & chips is responsible for its notoriety. So what makes a great portion of cod? Well, it must be super fresh, appear firm when handles and taste great when cooked.

Coley Fillets

Other wise known as ‘Blackjack’ – the Cornish have revered coley for decades and it’s a great alternative to other white fish such as cod or haddock.


Cuttlefish is the shellfish with an internal cartilage famed for being canary food. It tends to weigh around a kilo but some may be smaller or a little bigger and is suitable for various cooking methods, including raw consumption.

Dover Sole

The finest of the sole family. Wings remove the tough grey skin for you, so your Dover Sole will arrive ready to cook and enjoy. This fish is not always landed every day to Cornish markets so, to even out supply, Wings may on occasions send out some fresh-frozen but they will still taste super fresh!

Gilt Head Sea Bream

The gilt head sea bream gets its name from the golden band across its head. Silver in colour and around a pound in weight, these fish are the perfect portion size.


Varying from red to pale grey but tasting the same regardless of colour, fresh gurnard has a robust, firm texture and weighs in at anywhere from 300g to 600g. This fish is perhaps the most under rated species landed by our fisherman.


A delicate flavoured white fish similar to cod; the principal difference being its high gelatine content providing a lovely rich flavour.  Wings try to select haddock fillets that are portion sized and ready to cook.


Spain’s favourite fish and the Welsh love it as their fish & chips fish!  Hake has a silvery/olive green skin and a tender creamy flesh and is very under rated.  Thankfully it is now becoming respected by fish lovers here as a tasty prime white fish .


Rated by many as the finest fish in the sea, when eaten fresh. Fishermen land their catches after fishing early in the morning.

John Dory

The ‘St. Peter fish’ as it is also known has a motled green skin and is highly valued for its mild sweet flavour and succulent texture. This fish has a heavy bone structure; please be aware its yeild is relatively low but the flavour is definitely high!

King Scallops

These fully cleaned, juicy jumbo king scallops are freshly prepared and ready to cook. 1 kilo will typically give you between 18 – 25 scallops. Wings recommend 3 scallops per person for a generous main course portion.

Lemon Sole

This lemon shaped fish takes it’s name from the fruit (but does not taste of lemons!) and has a delicate, sweet white flesh and a light brown silky smooth skin. Due to it’s subtle flavour it’s best cooked simply. Wings normally buy portion sized fish at around 400g each.


One of the finest fish in the sea when eaten fresh. Fishermen land their catch at Newlyn after fishing early in the morning.


Highly valued in Spain for it’s wonderfully soft, tender flesh; megrim (or ‘Cornish’) sole is a highly underrated flat fish.

Monkfish Tail

One of the most versatile fish we have landed here in Cornwall. When skinned (Wings’ standard preparation), one tail is around one portion, dependent on appetite or dish.


It is suitable for various cooking methods, including raw consumption. Raw octopus will be cleaned and prepared before being delivered to your door.


Most of us have seen this green skinned fish with its bright orange spots. Underneath lies a beautiful, delicately lemon scented flesh. Whole plaice will arrive gutted, cleaned and ready to cook.


The Cornish have revered this fish for decades. The cooked flesh of this green/silver skinned fish is perfectly white and is now very popular with chefs.


This whole salmon will arrive gutted and cleaned; weighing between 5 – 6 kilos. Salmon is always a popular fish and makes a really impressive centrepiece when cooked and presented whole.


Super rich in Omega3 and abundant in Cornish waters. Enjoy 3 to 4 fish per portion.

Wild Bass

‘The king of the sea’, wild sea bass is caught in local waters and has the finest delicate flavour and deliciously firm but flaky flesh. An average sized fish will normally feed between 3 – 4 people for a main course.

Wild Sea Trout

Has a very short season; most fish are caught off the northern areas of Scotland. This fish is sea reared or farmed within the same areas as its wild counterpart. The flesh is beautifully pink and has a subtle flavour.

Skate Wings

Long thin sections of juicy flesh either side of a simple bone. Sized between 300 and 600 grams they make good eating and are very under rated. This fish will arrive skinned and ready to cook.

Fresh Cornish Squid

A delicious, creamy coloured flesh much enjoyed by gourmets. Not to be confused with frozen Squid, you will be charged for the whole weight of the shellfish; we will clean it for you free of charge; so it will arrive to you ready to cook.


The finest fish we have around our coast. Top London restaurants treat them as their fishy equivalent to Chateaubriand steak or truffle!.


Or “merlan” as the French call it, has a delicate flesh and flavour. Two fillets make a good portion.


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