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The British Leek season launches from 1st November 2016

As we head into colder months, the Leek Grower’s Association is urging people not to forget the benefits of the British leek as the fat-free, nutrient rich answer to staying healthy and helping combat colds this winter.

From keeping sore throats at bay to improving the quality of the singing voice, this ‘upmarket onion’ or ‘poor man’s asparagus’ is a must-have on shopping lists across the country as the British leek season kicks off from 1 November and runs through to April.

More refined, subtle and sweet than the average onion and packed with anti-oxidants, the leek has long been treasured in Europe and the Mediterranean where it has been grown and cooked for more than 3,000 years. Rich in iron, vitamin B6, vitamin C and folate it is used in traditional medicines to treat a variety of ailments including the common cold, gout, ‘bad’ cholesterol, kidney stones as well as protecting against cancer.

Whether you like them roasted, baked, braised or boiled, leeks are easier to digest than onions, have laxative, antiseptic, diruetic and anti-arthritic properties. Just half a cup of leeks counts as one serving so check out the British leek website www.britishleeks.co.uk for mouth-watering, seasonal recipes, developed for The Leek Grower’s Association by leading chef, author of “Healthy, Speedy Suppers” and Daily Telegraph food columnist Katriona MacGregor.

Katriona says: “It’s a joy to cook and eat together and to nourish yourself and your family with healthful, seasonal recipes that have the power to make you feel healthy, well and energised.”

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