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Warren’s Pasties Lead The Way

Warren's PastyWarren’s Bakery, the world’s oldest Cornish pasty maker, has been voted top pasty producer in polls carried out by Pirate FM and by The Cornishman newspaper.

Warren’s were established way back in 1860, crafting their Cornish pasties to a traditional recipe handed down through the generations. All pasties are still hand crimped with different crimping “signatures” setting each member of the team apart. Visit Warren’s at www.warrensbakery.co.uk.


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  1. Not a bad eat, but seriously lacking in meat content, as a regular customer of the Large Steak pasty, you would be lucky to find more than a few small chunks tucked away at one end of the pasty. I would suggest the voters get out there and try more elsewhere as there are certainly more generous fillings to be found elsewhere.

    1. I think you’re being a little harsh here James. A Cornish pasty is supposed to have a filling of one third meat with the other two thirds vegetable (swede, potato, onion). The vegetables are just as important as the meat (and if you were an 19th century miner you probably would have seen no meat at all in your pasty). I’ve always had a particular thing for Warren’s pasties: they take a lot of trouble with getting the seasoning right which is not always a strength in other recipes. Too much meat of course and you’re moving into the world of pies – another debate entirely! Keep eating pasties and do report back on what you find out there.

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