Cornish Yarg Cheese Exports to America

Cornish Yarg Cheese Exports to America

A Cornish cheese producer has broken into the American market thanks to help from international trade regulation experts.

Artisan cheese maker Lynher Dairies has increased its yearly sales by 12% after teaming up with Cornwall Council to sell its award winning Yarg cheese on the other side of the Pond.

To meet stringent export requirements, Lynher Dairies had to be inspected by representatives of the US Food and Drug Administration. During the visit, the company was supported by Cornwall Council?s public protection and business support food safety officers, who assisted them with any questions raised by American inspectors.

Following the successful audit, Lynher Dairies was approved to export cheese to the US and Cornish Yarg is now enjoyed throughout the States.

Lynher Dairies Cheese Company, based in Ponsanooth, near Truro, processes over 200 tonnes of handmade cheese annually using milk from its own herd of Ayrshire, Jersey and Friesian cross cows and from carefully selected local farms.


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