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The Cornish Garlic Company specialises in the production of Elephant Garlic although it will be expanding the varieties of garlic grown and their product range.

Elephant Garlic is not a true garlic but is botanically closer to the leek, and produces massive bulbs approximately 10cm (4″) in diameter. The cloves are also much larger than conventional garlic and have a milder taste, making Elephant Garlic suitable for a wide choice of culinary uses, especially roasting, but grilling is also popular and it can then be spread with butter on toast. The bulbs and cloves are suitable and sold for planting as well as eating. Planting should take place in spring or autumn.

Also available for planting are the corms that grow on the outside of the bulb.


Elephant Garlic produces a flowering spike or flowerhead known as a “scape”. These are cut before the flower appears to encourage enlargement of the bulb. The scapes have a mild garlic flavour and are very delicious. Popular recipes include blanching initially, holding over in a refrigerator and later cooking them battered in tempura. They can be sautéed or barbecued to be served like asparagus, or just eaten raw.

Elephant Garlic Scape Salt makes a great culinary condiment.


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