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Cornish Seaweed Company is Soil Association certified and offers sustainable hand harvested sea greens. On-line sales are available and the website provides useful recipes.

Kombu (Kelp) is probably most well known for the unique effect it has on the taste buds, that which the Japanese call Umami. Kombu is used to make broths and serves as a base ingredient in stocks.

Seaweed Salt
A mix of small-flaked Dulse, Nori and Sea Greens mixed with high quality Maldon Sea Salt, this is a ready-to-use salt. Pinch and sprinkle on any dish. Ready to use, no need for grinding.

Sea Salad
A mix of Dulse, Sea Greens and Nori. The perfect introduction to seaweeds. In flaked form, so very easy to use. Simply sprinkle on any dish. From fish and shellfish to mashed potato, omelettes, meat, sandwiches, salads and as part of your bread or pancake dough.

Sea Greens
Sea greens are the base for the famous crispy fried seaweed. However, its uses are much more varied. Eat raw in salads, lightly boil or steam for use as a vegetable, or blend into smoothies and super juices.

Sea Spaghetti
You can just eat it raw. Straight from the bag in dried form it tastes surprisingly like biltong (beef jerky, so quite salty) and has that same awesome chewy texture.

Dulse is a healthy and tasty ingredient in a wide range of foods. Add it as a flavour enhancer to fish dishes, curries, soups, bread, chowders and salads. It can be eaten straight from the ocean and when dried it makes an excellent on-the-move snack.


Ocean House, Lower Quay, Gweek TR12 6UD


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  1. Kym Clinton

    So glad my local chemist sells dulse I went across the road this morning to pick up a prescription and whilst waiting my turn there I saw it on the shelf I’d gone out with out my purse initially and quickly nipped back home and brought two packs and I’ve just done the cottage cheese tomatoes and grated cheese sprinkled with dulse absolutely delicious I’ve always want to try it but I’m scared of ordering on line I have no. online banking facilities so I’ll be hoping I can get it in my chemist frequently

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