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Artisan coffee freshly roasted for home consumption and independent cafes and restaurants.  Hands-On Coffee micro-roast at their Wadebridge premises in small batches of only 15 kg at a time using a cast iron hot-air Joper roaster, fitted with a high-efficiency gas burner.  All coffee is roasted and packed by hand at the Roastery with the attention to detail that only an independent family owned business can offer.


product-shots-handsoncoffee1North Coast Roast

North Coast Roast is roasted and blended to produce a great “all-round” coffee. It appeals to a wide range of tastes and yet has enough individuality to be distinctive. North Coast Roast is made from 100% arabica beans, which are medium-roasted and blended to give a smooth, well-balanced and slightly nutty taste.



product-shots-handsoncoffee2Lusty Glaze Expresso

An iconic beach deserves an iconic espresso. The beautiful Lusty Glaze beach located on the north Cornwall coast is the inspiration for this micro-roasted espresso blend. It is adaptable enough to be brewed straight (a great wake-up call to a mornings surfing), or served with milk to relax for a moment and gaze out to sea.



product-shots-handsoncoffee3Black Chough

Black Chough is Hands-On’s take on the famous ‘west coast style’ of coffee from the Pacific Coast of the USA. As a Cornish micro-roaster they’ve added a twist of the wild Cornish west coast to the deep roast. The result is a darker roasted coffee where the Atlantic Coast meets the Pacific Coast.! Expect clean bright notes with a sweet-bittersweet balance, and absolutely no robusta!


The Roastery, 6F Bess Park Road, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 6HB


50.520078, -4.822414


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  1. Paul

    Lusty Glaze has got to be the best coffee in Cornwall – you have to try it.

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