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Cornish Yarg, now made by Lynher Dairies Cheese Company near Truro, was first made thirty years ago on a farm on Bodmin Moor. Spell the surname of its creator – Alan Gray –backwards and you have the answer as to how Yarg got its name!

Owner, Catherine Mead joined the small team in the ’90s, and as demand for the nettle covered cheese grew, a second dairy was built at Ponsanooth near Truro, with all production finally moving there in 2006. It’s not just the cheese that wins accolades – the dairy building has one too, a coveted RIBA award.

Yarg and Wild Garlic Yarg are both suitable for vegetarians.

Cornish Yarg,

The nettle wrapped Cornish Yarg, is made from pasteurised cows’ milk, is a young, fresh cheese, creamy under its natural rind. The nettles are foraged from Cornish hedgerows and fields in spring and frozen so they last all year round. The cheese develops a dusting of bloomy white moulds across its leafy rind, helping it mature. Six weeks from field to finish, Yarg has a fresh mushroom taste with an irresistible crumble in the core. Yarg has won Gold – World Cheese Awards 2019; Gold – British Cheese Awards 2018; Gold – Great Taste Awards 2018.

Wild Garlic Yarg

Wild Garlic Yarg is wrapped in the pungent ramson leaves that arrive in the local woodlands each spring. They impart a gentle garlicky flavour and their moisture gives the cheese a slightly firm texture.Wild Garlic Yarg is a holder of a coveted Supergold at the World Cheese Awards, which means the judges considered it one of the top seventy cheeses in the world. It bursts with natural goodness. The aromatic leaves that arrive in the Cornish woodlands each spring are picked by hand. Awards include Gold – British Cheese Awards 2019; Bronze – World Cheese Awards 2019; Supergold – World Cheese Awards 2018; Silver – British Cheese Awards 2018; Double Silver – South West Cheese Awards 2018.

Cornish Kern

Crowned Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards 2017, Kern is a cheese that was destined to be famous from the outset. It began to win major awards in 2012 when still in development. It didn’t even have a name back then! A hard farmhouse cheese, it has a rich buttery taste and caramel notes. Firm to the cut and slightly flaky in the middle, its texture is as important as its taste.
Originally derived from a Gouda style cheese, a nutty Alpine starter culture is added to create a close texture. After painting on a handsome breathable black wax coating, it is left to mature for sixteen to eighteen months.
As a World Cheese Supreme Champion, Kern (which means ’round’ in Cornish) has received global attention and praise. Supreme Champion – World Cheese Awards 2017; Bronze – World Cheese Awards 2019; Gold – Great Taste Awards 2018.


Named after the village near where the dairy is located, and affectionately known as Naked Yarg, Stithians came about out of sheer curiosity. If Yarg is all about the leaves, then Stithians cheese is all about the lack of them. It has a rich, creamy rounded flavour with a characteristic clean tang. Showing off an array of wild mould, just as nature intended, it produces a rind which can vary in colour from a creamy yellow when young to a pinkish bloom if the cheese is left for longer. Every June, a little bit more is made to sell at the locally famous Stithians Show in July – one of the largest one-day agricultural shows in the country.



Pengreep Dairy, Ponsanooth, Truro, Cornwall, TR3 7JQ


50.205038, -5.148612


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