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Fine Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and organic coffees of the finest quality and flavours. Founded in 2004, Origin Coffee produces the first commercially roasted coffee in Cornwall with a Loring Smartroast – the world’s first environmentally responsible coffee roaster. Roasting is done in small batches of 35 kilos, using 80% less energy than other roasters and is virtually emission free.

Coffee beans are rotated on seasonality ensuring maximum quality and diversity. Origin visits farms across the world, developing long-term relationships with growers and paying them 30% above their production costs.


product-shots-origin1Fazenda Mariano Espresso Roast

A rich and rounded cup with toffee sweetness and notes of praline. This coffee also displays notes of candied orange.




product-shots-origin2Seasonal Collection Espresso

Rich dark chocolate, light red berries and delicate toffee. Origin’s current Seasonal Collection blends 20% Brazil Fazenda Capim Branco, 20% Brazil Fazenda São Silvestre (Pulped Natural) and 60% Brazil Fazenda Lagoa (Pulped Natural).



product-shots-origin3Swiss Water Decaf Palmital

A round body with a moderate to good/moderate acidity with notes of chocolate and a hazelnut finish.



product-shots-origin4Cascara – Coffee Cherry Tea

Cascara, meaning ‘peel’ in Spanish, is the outer fruit of the coffee cherry which is brewed as a fruit tea infusion. Origin are delighted to be offering Cascara, demonstrating another dimension to the coffee cherry.


Drinking Chocolate


The Roastery, 1 Treysa Place, Porthleven, Cornwall, TR13 9FJ


50.11385, -5.2684810000001


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