Whalesborough Farm Foods

Whalesborough is a small family business based on the North Cornish coast making handmade top quality award winning cheeses in small batches.

They use local pasteurised Cornish cows’ milk and their own unique recipes – developed over the last 14 years.

They now have their own purpose built modern dairy and maturing rooms taking their cheese making to a new level.

Whalesborough have also expanded production to include goat milk cheese at expansion for Goat Cheese production at Norton Barton Artisan Food Village, Launcells, Bude, Cornwall EX23 9LG

Keltic Gold

Pungent washed rind cheese, creamy smooth texture and round full sweet flavour – reminiscent of French Alpine cheeses. Local cider is used to dip and scrub each cheese three times a week which gives apple overtones to the pate and a distinctive edible orange rind.

Miss Muffet

Sweet continental style washed curd cheese with a supple texture and nutty creamy flavour – unique pink/grey natural mould rind, peculiar to Whalesborough’s maturing room!


Naturally mould ripened traditional Cornish farmhouse cheese with a beautifully balanced clean citrus flavour and a creamy texture. Unique pink/grey edible rind, grown only in Whalesborough’s maturing room!

Cornish Smuggler

An attractive farmhouse cheese, with wonderful red marbling and deep creamy flavour throughout. Cornish Smuggler makes a stunning addition to any cheeseboard and will please fans who love traditional cheddar-style cheeses but with beautiful red veining.

 Cornish Crumbly

Creamy, lively young Lancashire-style mould ripened cheese with a real zing on the finish! This cheese will appeal to cheese lovers everywhere



Miss Thymed

A washed curd cows’ pasteurised milk cheese made using Cornish Sea Salt’s Lemon and Thyme blend. A creamy cheese with herby, citrus flavours and a background of nuttiness from the natural mould rind. Miss Thymed looks great on any cheese board with flecks of green thyme giving real texture and interest.


Whalesborough Farm Foods, Marhamchurch, Bude, Cornwall, EX23 0JD


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