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Yallah produce hand-crafted coffees using a restored 1950’s roaster from beans directly sourced from the producers at above market price to establish sustainable long term relationships. All coffees are of single origin, high altitude Arabica beans with no blending in the production process.

The Roastery is located just outside Falmouth and there is also a harbourside café and kiosk in Court Arcade, St Ives, TR26 1LF. Opening times: Mon – Sat 8am to 3pm // Sun 9am – 3pm 01736 317621


product-shots-yallah1House Decaf

Like all of Yallah’s ‘House’ range this is a well rounded coffee, with great sweetness and character. With decaf Yallah have chosen to use the C02 decaffeination process.



product-shots-yallah2House Expresso

Plenty of body and sweetness which works wonderfully well with the bright acidity reminiscent of green apples. Most of the coffee cherries are picked in August when they are at their optimum level of maturation and sweetness.



product-shots-yallah3San Rafael Urias

A well structured and complex coffee. Dry Cocoa, pecan and melon acidity. Silky as it cools.



product-shots-yallah4Toarco Tana Toraja

Dark chocolate biscuit. Slightly earthy and herbaceous with a dry finish. Highly recommend brewing this coffee using an espresso machine or any other method with similar extraction. The heavy body and sweetness stand proud this way, and work wonderfully with and without milk.




This coffee is vibrant and lively. Packed full of stone fruits and citrus at first, but let it cool it develops into a sweet and balanced drink with notes of chocolate, nuts and a buttery texture.


Argall Home Farm, Kergilliack, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 5PD


50.1531626, -5.1265685


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